SONG: Karmin - "Sugar"

4/5 - "Sugar" by Karmin

I have always been a big fan of Karmin, so you might think this review is a little biased. However, to be completely honest, I was not a fan of "Sugar" when I first listened to it. In the past, Karmin's songs have had a more pop feel to it, like "Acapella" and "Broken Hearted", but "Sugar" has a much more soul feel. After a couple listens though, I couldn't help myself from clicking the repeat button. Karmin still sticks to their roots by having Amy rap towards the bridge.  I think why I didn't like their new single at first is because in my opinion it will be hard to top their past album, Pulses. I am curious to see where Karmin's future album will take them with their style. If "Sugar" is any indication of it, they could gain past haters along the ride.