CONCERT: Bastille - Wild, Wild World Tour

CONCERT: Bastille - Wild, Wild World Tour

Bastille set out on their headlining tour, Wild, Wild World tour, over a month ago in support of their most recent album, and closed it out in Raleigh, NC with a bang! Bastille somehow kept the rain away, which was in the forecast for Raleigh that night. However, just because a thunderstorm was near, that didn't keep fans from piling in with raincoats into Red Hat Amphitheatre in the middle of downtown.

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CONCERT: Taylor Swift



It is safe to say Taylor Swift has quickly become the queen of pop, just shortly after changing her country sound to become the style her record 1989 has generated. If you don't believe me, you should attend The 1989 World Tour to see for yourself. Fans of all different shapes and sizes filled out the entire room to a sold out show at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC last night. Not only was every seat filled, but it was filled with a fan who made a Swift costume, dressed like her, or better yet made a light up sign. She even shouted out to some sign makers during her set!

If you are going to be the queen of pop, you have to bring glitter and lots of it! She had a total of about 8 or 9 outfit changes, I lot count! With every outfit change came a new dazzling costume that lit up the stage against her amazing set. Her setlist consisted of mostly 1989, but what else can you expect when it is called The 1989 World Tour? However, she did put a twist on a few oldies to give them a taste of her new style. 

If you think that Taylor Swift went all out with her costumes, wait till you see her revolving catwalk that lifts up to the entire arena! Speaking of cats, you can see an adorable video of her with Meredith Grey and Olivia Bensen (I feel like at this point in time, I don't need to clarify that they are not the characters in those TV shows).

Along with Taylor's songs, she had inspirational talks. When Taylor talks, fans really truly listen, because she makes all her fans feel like friends and family. She talked about sticking up for who you are and even made my friend cry, because of how powerful Taylor's message was. That I think is truly important when it comes to fame, is not only striving in your talent, but being able to use your fame in an impactful way not only through song, but through message. 

Before I give too much away (because I KNOW, you can't miss The 1989 World Tour) I can 100% tell you that you will not be disappointed. Her backup dancers are on point, her set design is killer, and of course Taylor Swift's pipes are better than ever. If you don't leave with a smile bigger than your face, you are doing it wrong. 



CONCERT: Paradise Fears


I remember back in 2010, or was it 2011, that I was standing outside waiting in line for some concert of some punk pop band in North Carolina, and I see these band members going up to fans in line promoting their music. I thought that they might be the opener, but nope that was not the case. This band was Paradise Fears, and they were following the tour just to promote their music and to interact face to face with fans. That is when I knew that this band had dedication.

Flash forward 5 years later, and here I am seeing Paradise Fears  not only performing for thousands of people, but also have a strong fan base. The girl in front of me was singing every word at the top of her lungs, and I couldn't help but smile thinking of how much they deserve that and much more.  

Their set was very energetic, and they really know how to work a crowd with their great personal stage performance. Coming out to the Parks and Recreation theme song was definitely a crowd pleaser. Their set list included classics like "Sanctuary" , and "Lullaby", but I would have to say the best part is when they auto-tuned a fans voice and made it part of their song "Back to Life"!

You do not want to miss Paradise Fears set when they open for Andy Grammer and Alex & Sierra on tour this spring! Check out the dates here.

"Better Air [Deluxe Edition]" by Pilot For A Day

                                    Pick it up on July 1st, 2014!

                                    Pick it up on July 1st, 2014!

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4.5/5 - Better Air [Deluxe Edition]

Pop-rock, or dare I say "pop-punk" music always hold a soft spot in my heart. When I picked up Pilot For A Day's album, Better Air [Deluxe Edition], I instantly felt nostalgic to the music I used to listen to in 2007. I don't want to relate Pilot For A Day's sound to the old Myspace bands I used to find and listen to, because Myspace has become the social networking joke of the internet. However, I thank Myspace for helping me find bands like All Time Low, Cartel, and Mayday Parade, who Pilot For A Day reminds me of. "Midwest Kings" is a perfect song to start off the record, and describe the sound for the album. It's a slow introduction that begins to pick up and has you singing along to it in no time. "Ticket to Somewhere" is the perfect song that makes you just want to go on a drive and roll down your windows blaring this song for everyone to hear when you stop for a red light. "Alleys and Side Streets" and "A Little More" are a couple of the songs that brings me back to the good ole 'pop-punk' days due to the catchy chorus' and strong vocals. "Thanks to CL, My FMLY & All My Homies" has an upbeat vibe, with sentimental lyrics that will have you putting it as your next Instagram's caption. "Extraordinary Life" is not only a beautiful song, but it also has powerful guest vocals from Andrew Volpe. "Count to Ten" and "Take This Chance" are the perfect songs to end the record, leaving the songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day. But wait, there is more on the Deluxe Edition! "From Somewhere" is a beautifully done acoustic song, that helps take the fast pace of this record down. About every record has to have the perfect ballad, and "From Somewhere" nailed it right on the head! The last two songs on the record are acoustic versions of the songs "A Little More" and "Take This Chance". I think it was a great choice for them to choose these songs to slow down. The two original songs are actually my favorite off the record, but acoustic versions of songs always win my heart. Overall, I really enjoyed this record. It's a really strong solid pop rock album, that I think could be your anthem for the summer.

"The Introduction" by Viv and The Revival

4/5 - The Introduction

When I first spun The Introduction by Viv and the Revival, I was pleasantly surprised due to the band’s unique sound. It is not every day that you come across a band, that sticks out in your mind from the rest. I personally believe that a  song is successful if it gets stuck in your head, and that is was “Criminals” off of the record did for me. After I listened to the whole CD for the first time, I put it on repeat, and caught myself already knowing some of the lyrics, because each song is very memorable. “Fire” has such a catchy chorus thanks to the lyrics and the stylized drum playing. “Forever” starts out slow and builds up tempo with a heavy beat of the drums and guitar riff. What really stands out about “I Want It” is that it is a little different than the other songs on the record, to me it seems to influence “Criminals” with the repetition of the chorus. Overall, “I Want It” is the song that can really get anyone pumped up and ready to go. While the next song, “Nikki” takes the slower route, and is more of a romantic ballad. “Playing with Fire” and “Shook Up” seems to take on the darker side, of not getting caught up in a relationship that you know is bad for you. I think that the beat throughout the song fits extremely well with the overall message of the song.  “Rocket To Mars” has a happier sound thanks to the guitars soft melody. “Taxi Man” has a distinct sound, and gives off that 70’s-80’s vibe, especially with the introduction. “Tonight We Live Like Kings” gives off a pop-punk vibe with the guitar cords, and lyrics. “Welcome to a Good Time” stands out to it’s hip hop influence. Overall, I am very impressed by this album. I can honestly say that I can listen to this record from start to finish, without skipping any songs, because they are all that distinct and catchy. The album is not out yet, but make sure to pick it up when it comes out February 18th!

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"Neverending Show LP" by The Hollows

3/5 - Neverending Show LP

    The Hollows’ Neverending Show LP, was a hard one to put a genre on. The live rugged tones really add to the album. You can hear hints of country within the album; Especially in the song “Canyon Rose”. While, “August” gives off a Greek vibe through the guitar picking. The Hollows said in our interview with them, they said that they have six frontmen. The quote rains true with this live album, because every song has a different style. Songs like “Jepson Creek”, “Whiskey and Wine” and “Basilica” give off a rock vibe. However, one influence that rains through each song is folk. In “Josephine”, the banjo playing throughout has a bluegrass-folk feel. For some reason, while listening to “Josephine”, it reminds me of Buddy Holly. Their cover song “The Weight”, I picked up an Elvis vibe as well. One that surprised me the most was “Mad As Dogs”, because it is very simple and easy-listening in the beginning; It starts out very slow and picks up in the end, but they manage to tie it all together. On the other side, “Old Brown Dog” is just about the complete opposite; Very fast in the beginning and slows down in the end. The slowest song though is their single “Dead Rabbits”. If I were to base the Neverending Show LP off of “Dead Rabbits”, I would be in for a surprise of the different vibes that this album has to offer. This review seems to be scattered all over the place, but so is the album. From listening to Neverending Show one track after the other, you get a different sound from every song


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CONCERT: Carolina Liar

    Carolina Liar is one of those bands that deserve every ounce of recognition. They have opened for such big names, such as Daughtry, David Cook, and now Kelly Clarkson. It seems that they tend to tour with American Idol contestants.  The band knows what they want, and they won’t let anything stop them. It’s only a matter of time before they become a family household name, like headliner Kelly Clarkson. 

    Carolina Liar’s set was in perfect timing with the sun setting. It was almost like they planned it. What could be more perfect than listening to their classic “Show Me What I’m Looking For” while the sunsets in the background? Their lights were even shades of purple, pink and orange. My favorite part of their set was just to see their reactions of the crowd loving their music. It was clear to me that they are the kind of band that feeds off of the crowds energy for their performances and just has fun with it.

    Carolina Liar made sure to play a variety of songs from their first album, Coming to Terms, to their latest album Wild Blessed Freedom. They made sure to do a job as a band by trying to get the crowd to clap in rhythm, and  lead singer, Chad Wolf, made sure to hold the microphone out to hear the crowd singing back. The crowd (which mostly consisted of drunken moms), knew all the words to Carolina Liar’s most popular hits.  Maybe it was from watching too many of the commercials on ABC Family, Or watching The Hills with their daughter. All I know, is everyone was loving their sound. Their set was short and sweet, at least it seemed that way. But time goes by when you’re having fun right?

    While The Fray was playing, I got the pleasure to meet up with 3/4 of Carolina Liar in the press trailer. Chad Wolf (singer), Rickard Göransson (Guitar) and Peter Carlsson (Drums) were a blast to talk to. We ended up interviewing them for around thirty minutes. When talking to them, I learned so much about what goes into literally everything they do as a band. I’ve never talked to musicians with such dedication and honesty. So do yourself a favor and read every single word that they have to say, even if it is lengthy, I promise it is worth it. 

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