The Maine (3)

The Maine released their 6th studio album Lovely Little Lonely early April. Which means not only is it a bop, but we caught up with Pat Kirch to hear all about the album process, touring, and more about their 10th year as a band together.


Congratulations on the release of Lovely Little Lonely! Your sound is constantly evolving and growing from record to record. How did you guys challenge yourself to grow on this record?

We set the bar really high for what we let make the cut on this album. We had a vision for how the album would flow together and make you feel and if the song didn't get there then it wouldn't make the album - even if it was a song that would have on past albums.


What song(s) were you most excited about while recording and couldn't wait to release to your fans?

"Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu" was one that I was super excited about while we were recording. That song to me sounds like the beginning of a new chapter for our band and it's really exciting to hear that come to life. We have never made a song like that and I think it opens doors for where we could head in the future.


For you last album American Candy you spent the duration of recording the album in Joshua Tree. Did you guys do anything to collect inspiration for Lovely Little Lonely?

PAT- This time around we rented a house in Northern California and set up shop there. The house was insanely beautiful, we were on a cliff overlooking the ocean with the best view in the world 15 feet outside where we were recording. The backyard was a forest with a great path to walk down and get away. We really couldn't have asked for a better setting to make music in.


What sparked you guys adding a prelude and interlude to the album? 

We really didn't want there to be rules for how a record had to be put together so we really branched out on this album. There are a few short songs and some stuff that would be considered an interlude or connecting pieces. We went with what felt right. We knew we wanted the entire album to connect together and those pieces really help to set the tone I think. 


What is the story behind the album art?

The art is a concept that John had for awhile and is something that I think sets the tone for how the album sounds. We shot it in the middle of winter so it was pretty cold when we were doing the underwater shots! 


You guys always have exciting surprises up your sleeves. Cover albums, pop up shows, fan contests, etc. Anything planned for the near future?

We are always waiting for the next idea. I won't say we don't have any ideas but we always have a million ideas and then they kind of happen as we see fit. Nothing I want to reveal now because sometimes it takes us years to get around to being able to make these ideas happen in the right way.


You guys have now been a band for 10 years! What is something that you wish you could back in time and tell your younger self about being in a band that you know now?

I am really happy with how things are and have been for our band so I guess I would just tell myself to worry less and enjoy it all. Not that I didn't enjoy it before but I tend to worry about everything and overthink it but I guess that's what drives me to do more in life. So I guess I wouldn't change a thing...


You guys are about to embark on a world tour. What song off of the new album are you most excited to play live?

We have been playing a song called "Do You Remember" and that is a real fun one to play!!! 


Anything planned for after tour?

Tour, tour, tour.... repeat!