INTERVIEW: Alexz Johnson

Check out our interview with Alexz Johnson below to find out about her new EP, HEART, coming out February 18th! We also chatted with her about her transition from actress to singer. 

Check out Alexz Johnson here!

Read what Alexz Johnson had to say below:


For anyone who hasn’t listened yet, describe your sound, and what makes you unique?

I like to refer to my sound as soulful/folk-pop. I hope to write songs that are classic and not trendy.. records I grew up listening to like Fleetwood Mac and Bruce Springsteen really influenced by sound now. I guess what makes music unique is the person singing it. I write and sing and share everything I can from my personal experiences. Maybe that’s unique? 


What made you want to do the transition from acting to music?

I always did music… a lot of my acting gigs involved writing material for the shows and performing.. I got to a place where I felt I wasn’t experiencing the live/touring aspects of being a musician and I craved that so much. It led me to move to Brooklyn to pursue that. I plan on acting again in the future, but for now I want to put everything I have into these songs and shows.. 


What can fans expect from your new EP, HEART, that will be released on February 18th?

It’s a new chapter for me personally and in my writing as well…   strength in heartache. 


Is HEART influenced from anything in particular?

Love, life, moving to NYC..  healing through sharing my experiences. 


What is your favorite song off the record, and why?

It’s a tie between American Dreamer and Thank You For Breaking My Heart right now… but that changes depending on the day..


What can fans expect from an Alexz Johnson show? Especially for your upcoming tour with Wakey!Wakey and Ron Pope.

I’m opening acoustic so it’ll be nice and intimate! I’m looking forward to this tour…. I catch my flight to the UK in a few hours! 


What is your favorite thing about being a musician and why?

How unexpected life is…. How so much can happen in one day. I love being in movement and on the road.. It’s a gypsy life. I also love giving parts of myself in my writing. When I see people respond it makes the struggle worth it. 


City Lights Coverage is based in the United States, can we expect a U.S. tour anytime soon?

Yes! Hopefully this year! 


Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for listening! Hope you enjoy the upcoming EP! 

Thank you!