CONCERT: Paradise Fears


I remember back in 2010, or was it 2011, that I was standing outside waiting in line for some concert of some punk pop band in North Carolina, and I see these band members going up to fans in line promoting their music. I thought that they might be the opener, but nope that was not the case. This band was Paradise Fears, and they were following the tour just to promote their music and to interact face to face with fans. That is when I knew that this band had dedication.

Flash forward 5 years later, and here I am seeing Paradise Fears  not only performing for thousands of people, but also have a strong fan base. The girl in front of me was singing every word at the top of her lungs, and I couldn't help but smile thinking of how much they deserve that and much more.  

Their set was very energetic, and they really know how to work a crowd with their great personal stage performance. Coming out to the Parks and Recreation theme song was definitely a crowd pleaser. Their set list included classics like "Sanctuary" , and "Lullaby", but I would have to say the best part is when they auto-tuned a fans voice and made it part of their song "Back to Life"!

You do not want to miss Paradise Fears set when they open for Andy Grammer and Alex & Sierra on tour this spring! Check out the dates here.