"The Introduction" by Viv and The Revival

4/5 - The Introduction

When I first spun The Introduction by Viv and the Revival, I was pleasantly surprised due to the band’s unique sound. It is not every day that you come across a band, that sticks out in your mind from the rest. I personally believe that a  song is successful if it gets stuck in your head, and that is was “Criminals” off of the record did for me. After I listened to the whole CD for the first time, I put it on repeat, and caught myself already knowing some of the lyrics, because each song is very memorable. “Fire” has such a catchy chorus thanks to the lyrics and the stylized drum playing. “Forever” starts out slow and builds up tempo with a heavy beat of the drums and guitar riff. What really stands out about “I Want It” is that it is a little different than the other songs on the record, to me it seems to influence “Criminals” with the repetition of the chorus. Overall, “I Want It” is the song that can really get anyone pumped up and ready to go. While the next song, “Nikki” takes the slower route, and is more of a romantic ballad. “Playing with Fire” and “Shook Up” seems to take on the darker side, of not getting caught up in a relationship that you know is bad for you. I think that the beat throughout the song fits extremely well with the overall message of the song.  “Rocket To Mars” has a happier sound thanks to the guitars soft melody. “Taxi Man” has a distinct sound, and gives off that 70’s-80’s vibe, especially with the introduction. “Tonight We Live Like Kings” gives off a pop-punk vibe with the guitar cords, and lyrics. “Welcome to a Good Time” stands out to it’s hip hop influence. Overall, I am very impressed by this album. I can honestly say that I can listen to this record from start to finish, without skipping any songs, because they are all that distinct and catchy. The album is not out yet, but make sure to pick it up when it comes out February 18th!

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