"Neverending Show LP" by The Hollows

3/5 - Neverending Show LP

    The Hollows’ Neverending Show LP, was a hard one to put a genre on. The live rugged tones really add to the album. You can hear hints of country within the album; Especially in the song “Canyon Rose”. While, “August” gives off a Greek vibe through the guitar picking. The Hollows said in our interview with them, they said that they have six frontmen. The quote rains true with this live album, because every song has a different style. Songs like “Jepson Creek”, “Whiskey and Wine” and “Basilica” give off a rock vibe. However, one influence that rains through each song is folk. In “Josephine”, the banjo playing throughout has a bluegrass-folk feel. For some reason, while listening to “Josephine”, it reminds me of Buddy Holly. Their cover song “The Weight”, I picked up an Elvis vibe as well. One that surprised me the most was “Mad As Dogs”, because it is very simple and easy-listening in the beginning; It starts out very slow and picks up in the end, but they manage to tie it all together. On the other side, “Old Brown Dog” is just about the complete opposite; Very fast in the beginning and slows down in the end. The slowest song though is their single “Dead Rabbits”. If I were to base the Neverending Show LP off of “Dead Rabbits”, I would be in for a surprise of the different vibes that this album has to offer. This review seems to be scattered all over the place, but so is the album. From listening to Neverending Show one track after the other, you get a different sound from every song


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