CONCERT: Taylor Swift



It is safe to say Taylor Swift has quickly become the queen of pop, just shortly after changing her country sound to become the style her record 1989 has generated. If you don't believe me, you should attend The 1989 World Tour to see for yourself. Fans of all different shapes and sizes filled out the entire room to a sold out show at PNC Arena in Raleigh, NC last night. Not only was every seat filled, but it was filled with a fan who made a Swift costume, dressed like her, or better yet made a light up sign. She even shouted out to some sign makers during her set!

If you are going to be the queen of pop, you have to bring glitter and lots of it! She had a total of about 8 or 9 outfit changes, I lot count! With every outfit change came a new dazzling costume that lit up the stage against her amazing set. Her setlist consisted of mostly 1989, but what else can you expect when it is called The 1989 World Tour? However, she did put a twist on a few oldies to give them a taste of her new style. 

If you think that Taylor Swift went all out with her costumes, wait till you see her revolving catwalk that lifts up to the entire arena! Speaking of cats, you can see an adorable video of her with Meredith Grey and Olivia Bensen (I feel like at this point in time, I don't need to clarify that they are not the characters in those TV shows).

Along with Taylor's songs, she had inspirational talks. When Taylor talks, fans really truly listen, because she makes all her fans feel like friends and family. She talked about sticking up for who you are and even made my friend cry, because of how powerful Taylor's message was. That I think is truly important when it comes to fame, is not only striving in your talent, but being able to use your fame in an impactful way not only through song, but through message. 

Before I give too much away (because I KNOW, you can't miss The 1989 World Tour) I can 100% tell you that you will not be disappointed. Her backup dancers are on point, her set design is killer, and of course Taylor Swift's pipes are better than ever. If you don't leave with a smile bigger than your face, you are doing it wrong.