INTERVIEW: Pilot For A Day

We caught up with Nolan of Pilot For A Day to discuss their new Deluxe Edition album for Better Air that is set to release on July 1st.

(Stay tuned for our review of the album!)

For anyone who hasn’t listened to Pilot For A Day yet, how would you describe your sound? What makes your band unique?

Well, if I were trying to nail down a specific genre, I’d say we are very modern pop/rock. This is always a difficult question because genres are subjective to the listener. I’d say we fit very well into the pop/rock community though. Our music is very upbeat and has an overall happy vibe about it. There is positivity behind every word and we tend to write very “catchy” songs.


Where does the name “Pilot For A Day” come from?

Pilot For A Day has a very simple meaning. I mean, imagine yourself as a pilot. You’ve got a plane that can fly anywhere in the world and nothing is stopping you (except maybe the fact that you don’t know how to fly a plane, but we’ll just pretend you’ve already learned that haha). But really, the idea is that none of us have any real limitations. We absolutely can do anything and everything we ever dream of, and being a Pilot For A Day would be a good way to explore those possibilities. 


What is the your favorite part about being in a band?

Definitely my favorite of being in a band, and I’m sure this would be on all of our “top 5 best things” list, is being able to connect with people. Just being able to travel and meet new faces is something that holds a very deep value in us. We meet so many beautiful, good-hearted people who tell us that our music and the words we write have made a positive impact in their lives, and there is no better feeling I’ve ever experienced. It really is incredibly humbling just knowing that doing what we love can make someone’s life more enjoyable. 


If you could go back in time to when you first started touring, what would you tell yourself that you know now?

 I would probably just warn myself of how easy it is to get caught up in all the things that cause stress and unhappiness. For the longest time, we worried far too much about “being successful”. Our idea of success was based around money and fame, which is most likely a problem with a lot of bands starting out. I think what we’ve realized now is that we have been “successful” all along. Just the fact that we have been able to write, record, and play music for the world is enough. Really, it’s all we ever wanted. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and be grateful for all the things you have instead of worrying about the things you don’t.


When fans come out to a Pilot For A Day show, what can they expect?

We love energy. Really, the best part of any show is the energy you experience from the people you are around and the place that you are in. So that’s what we do. We focus on bringing out energy in every person that sees us. By being energetic on stage and really interacting with our fans, we create a powerful and memorable experience that’s not easy to forget. We want our fans to feel the same love we feel from being on that stage. And on top of that, we love meeting and really connecting with anyone who wants to get to know us when we’re not performing. 


You guys are releasing the Deluxe edition for Better Air on July 1st! Can you give us some more details on the Deluxe version?

Absolutely! We are very excited for this release. It’s basically us re-visiting the album and giving it the appreciation it deserves. The deluxe edition album will include three tracks from Better Air recorded acoustically. “Take This Chance (Acoustic)” will be premiered on on Thursday, May 15. And if you keep in touch, you’ll be able to hear all the acoustic tracks as soon as they’re out!


How was working with producer Marc McClusky (Weezer, Hit The Lights) on the album?

We had an amazing experience in the studio with Marc. When we went in, we weren’t 100% sure how we wanted the album to sound. Marc was able to take our songs and really bring out the meaning of the lyrics through the tones and overall mix of the album. This was really the beginning of our true sound and we’ve been nothing but excited to expand on that since. 


Last year, you released Better Air, what made you guys decide to release a Deluxe edition of the album?

Like I said before, it’s really just a re-visit to the album. It’s us stepping back and really appreciating the work we’ve done, while at the same time expressing our growth as musicians by re-recording some of the more popular tracks in a different way. It’s been awesome seeing new things come from old recordings. It’s also a sort of launch into new music we plan to release in the near future.


Can we expect any summer tours? 

A real summer “tour” is not in the books for us, though we will be playing plenty of shows and branching out as much as possible. With all the new things we are working on, it wasn’t smart to book a tour over the summer. But we are booking tours for the fall, so get ready for lots of shows and new music!


Is there anything else you guys would like to add?

I just want anyone reading this to know, YOU are what keeps us going. YOU created our job, and for that we could never thank you enough. Just by reading this interview you have already been a part of us living our dream. If you truly enjoy what we do, and for that matter what any other bands do, you can be the reason we live our dream every single day. By listening to us, coming to our shows, buying our merch, and sharing us with your friends, you allow us to continue on this path. Thank you again for everything you do for us, and if you are reading these words right now, there is a reason for that. We love you with all our hearts.