Liz Brennan

We got the amazing opportunity to chat with the lovely Liz Brennan about her sound, her opera influence, and her importance of making music videos. 

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is a bit of a throwback to '60s and '70s rock and pop music. But I love how lyrics tie into music with great story telling or witty lyrics like Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, and newer pop writers like Lily Allen.  

What would you say makes your sound unique and different from the rest in your genre?

I really love to sing out a little louder and not alter my voice - leave it more natural than what's going on right now. 

You recently released a lyric video to your new song "Expected to Fly". Can you tell us the story behind the song? 

The story behind that song is trying to get somewhere in life and not being sure it's going to happen. It's also about watching everything and everyone around you change as you grow up and trying to make it stay the same. 

This song is off of your upcoming EP. Can you tell us more about it?

The EP is called "Padded Bras and Padded Walls" and all of the songs have an unusual story behind them and are a little over the top! 

What is your typical recording and writing process like? 

My typical writing process is coming up with an idea for the chorus. If I like the sounds & what I'm saying, I start writing the verses and try and tell the story in the verses. 

You studied classical music and opera. How much of an influence would you say that has on your sound now? 

Haha yes, but my voice coach told me when we started working together that we would un-do that training. I don't think it's had a major influence expect for maybe in a few parts here and there when I think it would be fun to bring something funky from my voice training in that way- something a little different.  

Do you see any tours in your future?

I hope so! I love hitting the road and getting to play my music. I'm playing a few shows this summer on the east coast that I will have on Facebook & my website. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks for having me! I think making music videos is one of the most fun parts about making songs and I have had a lot of fun making videos also- so if you have a chance to check out some of my videos on Youtube - it's something worth seeing. I've gotten to make these videos with Tim Skousen of Napoleon Dynamite!

Watch her lyric video to "Expected to Fly" below: