INTERVIEW: The Rocketboys

We caught up with The Rocketboys! Read to see what they had to say about their sound, touring, and what hearing their music on T.V. is like.


Describe your sound. What makes you stand out from all the rest in your genre? 

We've always been inspired by big sounding, epic bands, like Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, etc. But we've always tried to create a big, unique sound, that still has a pop sensibility that you can wrap your head around. I think playing live is where we really shine brightest. 

You guys are known to have had a song or two on popular tv shoes (Glee, One Tree Hill, Private Practice, etc). What is your favorite part about hearing your song on television?

It's amazing! The fact that people believe in our music so much that they want to use it to enhance a scene on a show is extremely flattering. The spot on Glee was particularly cool, because they used the song as an actual part of the plot, whereas usually it's just heard in the background. We're been extremely lucky to have had our music on so many shows. 

What is your favorite part about playing your songs live? 

We've always loved playing shows. There's something really special about the energy that's created when 5 best friends make music together, and its even better when people are singing back at you.  

As for touring, what are three items that you always have to bring? 

I always bring a moleskin notebook, some cashews, and a small inflatable camping pad (who know's how many random floors I've slept on over the years). 

What would you tell yourself when you first started touring that you know now? 

Take your vitamins. 

Any new music coming anytime soon? 

We actually just released a new EP called "Left | Right" that we're super stoked about. We went out to LA and recorded it with Joe Chiccarelli at Sunset Sound in Hollywood. As for new music, we've got a ton of new material and are excited to get  back into the studio, but at this point there isn't really much of a timeline for that. 

What is your typical writing and recording process like? 

Recording has always been a little different for each record we've done. We recorded our last LP completely ourselves, have work in several different studios, and we even tracked the EP "Wellwisher" while we were on the road, in different houses, studios, and even in the back of the van. 

When it comes to writing usually it just starts with a small idea and we all kind of work on it from there. Sometimes one of us will have a completed song to bring to the table, but we always spend some time on stuff together, with each person adding their own spin to it. 

Anything else you would like to add? 

Be Yourself.