INTERVIEW: Life of Dillion

We caught up with the up and coming band, Life of Dillion. Read to find out more about their sound, first single, and more!

Describe your sound and what makes your band unique:

Our sound is really just a mish mash of different genres. This happened because the three of us have pretty different musical influences so when you stick us all in a room together we make something new. David comes from a more guitar-based musical background, rock, country; whereas Robert and myself grew up listening to a lot of RnB, Hip Hop and Afrobeats. Also, we’ve been making music together for a long time so we know just how much space to give each other. The musical chemistry is really important to us. What makes our band unique is exactly that, most people fall into a lane, but I feel we are creating our own. - Joe


What made you guys want to get into music, and start a band?

We have all come from musical backgrounds. Robert and Joe have been producing and writing songs from a young age, and there’s always a record on in their home. I was born into a family where my mother is a classically trained pianist and my dad makes musical instruments, so from a young age there was instruments lying around for me to pick up and teach myself. It was never our intention to become a band. The three of us were actually focusing on being writers for other artists, and at some point around 6 months ago we realized that wasn’t working for us, but we had all this music so why not form our own band? It just happened organically. - David


How has the reaction been to your first single “Overload”?

The reception for Overload has had has been incredible! The fact that our record is being played on radio and is online is kind of weird because for the longest time we didn’t share any of our music, and no one had heard anything because as David mentioned, we were trying to write for other people so when you do that you can’t be putting your stuff on YouTube or whatever. So it feels good that it’s out there and not only our friends and family can hear but people across America are tuning in as well! - Robert


What has life been like after signing to The Chainsmokers manager Adam Alpert’s new joint venture with Sony Music, Disruptor Records?

Things have gotten a bit crazy. One minute we were in North West London writing songs, the next we’re travelling to America and meeting like a million people on the way. It’s really hard to keep a track of everything that’s happening and a lot of it seems like a blur but we are loving every moment of it! - Joe


You guys named your band and after a traveler you met in Brazil. Can you tell us more about what he did to create a lasting impression on you guys and your band?

It was a pretty brief encounter but for us we just fell in love with his lifestyle; we were coming from London, where it’s cold, grey and everyone is caught up in the rat race. That was definitely the case for us. We’ve had little to no social life for the past two years because we were just making music all the time trying to become successful writers, and unbeknown to us on the other side of the world there’s this guy who is just enjoying life without a care in the world. It reminded us that there’s more to life than just getting ahead. Dillon's free-spirited vibe encapsulated some of the music that we had been working on and so naming our band after him was a no brainer. - David


Can fans expect a record anytime soon?

For sure, we have been making music for a long time and have tons of music to share, so for us it’s about narrowing down the tracks that we want people to hear and then getting those out there. We have an EP set to drop on April 14th called Prologue and an album to follow soon after! - Rob


Anything else you would like to add?

We feel extremely blessed to be here doing what we love to do. This all seems a million miles away from home and it all came about from having a passion for music. It never seemed like it was possible and I say that knowing it sounds cliché but it’s the truth. It’s amazing to be out here chasing the dream! - Joe