INTERVIEW: Fly Away Hero

We caught up with Fly Away Hero to talk about their new record, Lost and Found, along with their spring tour. 

Describe your sound. What makes your sound unique?

One of the biggest things that makes out sound unique is that we haven't really developed a "sound" that specific to us yet. We take a lot of inspiration from many different genres. We have songs with influences from Jazz to classic punk to country.


Your new record "Lost and Found" dropped a few weeks ago. How has the reaction been to it so far?

The reaction to the record has been awesome! We never anticipated it to chart on billboard, so that was pretty amazing. 


What is your typical recording and writing process like?

I normally write all of the songs by myself, and take them to the band to teach them the instrumental parts. Once we pick the best ones we run it by a producer, who in the case of Lost and Found was an awesome dude named Matt Novesky, and he makes certain decisions on how it should sound musically. And then after that's all done, we go in to record it!


What are a couple of your favorite songs off of the record, and why?

Storm on the Sea and Madison's Favorite Toys are my two favorites. They're the most personal to me.


Where does the name "Fly Away Hero" come from?

I think it has something to do with that whole balloon boy thing that happened a few years ago


Are you guys planning a Spring tour?

Yes! We're planning a tour up the west coast for Spring.


What is your favorite part about performing live? 

I just like seeing how the crowd reacts. I'm a bit of a narcissist, so I like it when people are looking at me, haha.


Anything else you would like to add?

You can find all of Fly Away Hero's EP's on iTunes, as well as my solo single "Stop"!  Also follow us on twitter at @flyawayhero and @flyawaydalton