INTERVIEW: Fever Fever

We caught up with Fever Fever to discuss their new record Aftermath (available Sept 16th), and their tour this fall!

Describe your sound and what makes it unique. 

A lot of our sound comes from trying to have fun with some instruments that don't normally show themselves in the alt rock world: harmonium, bamboo flute, mandolin, and vibraphone. 


Your album Aftermath will be available on September 16th. Can you tell us a little more about it? 

Creating Aftermath has been the most fun, taken the most work, and has been the biggest struggle that we've had as a band. Making something that you're proud of and working with your best friends is such a challenge because we hold each other to the highest standards. On a deeper level Aftermath is about the beauty and struggle of transformation. It's something that everyone experiences, but it's really been a central theme to us as Fever Fever. We all go through trials that test us and prove us, and we are better people at the end of the struggle, but that doesn't mean we'll never experience that again. The world is continually breaking us down and building us up. The concept is very circular and so, emotively and thematically, we express the end in the same way as the beginning.

What is your favorite song off the record that you want to show to your fans and why? 

It's tough to pick a favorite, we all have different favorites. But the top picks are probably "Sea Meets Earth," "Aftermath," and "Hypnotized." "Sea Meets Earth" really contains the heart of the record, "Aftermath" is super anthemic, and "Hypnotized" is just a really fun song to play.

What is the typical writing and recording process like for you guys? 

For us the process is always very communal; we all share certain parts of the process and have a say in the final outcome of each song. In order to get on the same page, we often set the scene, paint a picture for the other guys to understand where we're going. You could say our process is very visual! 

You guys formed in 2005, how has your sound changed or grown since then? 

We "formed" in 2005, but it's important to mention that when we formed a band, we really just formed the idea of a band, half of us couldn't play instruments or sing at all. Fever Fever is unique in that we have always started with a relationship and not necessarily a skill set. We would play cover songs and copy other bands' style and sound. I think we started out wanting to be Led Zeppelin, then ELO, and then OK Go (we were in that phase for a long time) and we finally started hitting a groove and finding our own sound with our release of Kingdom EP in 2012. Since then we've been refining even further and we really believe that our sound is pretty unique. A lot of people have a hard time comparing us with other artists and we are really proud of that.

If you could go back in time to when you first starting playing shows, what would you tell yourself then that you know now? 

We would probably make sure to tell ourselves that this was going to be a long, tough road. We've sacrificed a ton, gone through a lot of hardships together, but we wouldn't trade the time and experiences for anything; it's all so worth it. 

Any fall tours? 

We're planning our fall touring season right now for October and November. It's looking like we're going to cover a lot of ground from the midwest to the Pacific. We'll add all of the shows to our website as we confirm the dates!

Anything else you would like to add? 

Thanks for interviewing us!