INTERVIEW: Homemade Crazy

We chatted with Aaron of Homemade Crazy about their background, their new album Synergy, and more!



Describe what makes Homemade Crazy's sound unique:

Aaron:   Our sound is a product of contrasting elements coming together synergistically.   Musically; Breezy and Koby are polar opposites in just about everything.   It's our ability of creating  a common ground between the opposing elements that makes our sound so unique.


Where does Homemade Crazy's name come from?

Aaron:  Homemade Crazy was a strain of meth that was being cooked locally when we were kids.   We heard of it for the first time after a house explosion brought light to the problem in our community.



You guys are planning on releasing your debut album Synergy soon. Can you tell us a little more about it?

Aaron:  We worked really hard to create something we could be proud of.   The album was recorded with an extremely low budget in a basement.   Breezy did all of the album art for the album and we love the work she did.   Everyone worked really hard to finish the project and we hope people enjoy it as much as we do.



What song are you most looking forward to performing off of the record?

Aaron:  We have a great time playing all of our songs.   I personally like to play Unlucky One.   It's a great Groove song.



When fans come out to a live show, what can they expect?

Aaron:  A high energy hot and heavy good time.



Are you guys planning a future tour?

Aaron:  We will be traveling the Midwest.   We hope to tour the coasts in 2015.



Anything else you would like to add? Thanks guys!

Aaron:  follow us on Facebook and twitter to stay up to date and to find out when we're coming to your town.