INTERVIEW: Ashley Allen (1)

We got the chance to talk to the vibrant, Ashley Allen. See what Ashley Allen has in store for 2014, her new EP, and more!

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Read what Ashley Allen had to say below:


Describe your music. What makes you stand out from all the rest?

My music is my life. Basically it’s a journal of melody and lyrics about the way I feel, the things, I believe, and what I want to say. I would have to say that the number one thing that makes me stand out is that on and off camera I am exactly the same person.  


How excited are you for “Body Says No, Hear Says Yes” to hit the radio?

Words can’t even describe how excited I am. I have worked very hard to get to this moment. It’s absolutely surreal and to be honest, it doesn’t even seem real now! I’m not sure when it will hit me. I’m thinking the moment I actually hear it on the radio, which better not be when I am driving!


Can you explain more about your EP that might be out soon?

My EP that is coming out is definitely upbeat, full of life, and every song on it sends a different message. It’s the perfect introduction of myself. It will allow people to see many different aspects of my personality. I’m hoping that everyone understand be a bit more once they give it a listen!


Any specific influence behind any of the songs your EP?

No one specific influence comes to mind. The songs on my EP are definitely influenced by pop music, but I like to think that I am the specific influence behind every song on my EP. I mean I wrote them! (:


Where did the idea for your “Let’s Go” music video come from?

I feel like there is a lot of misinterpretation about the message my video Let’s Go is trying to send. Basically, my goal was to not only introduce me now but I wanted everyone to see how I was growing up. Little Ashley in the video really can be seen very different and misunderstood which I have been all my life. I always dreamed big and my dream was always to write music I could share to the world. So ultimately the idea of the video was to introduce me.


How did you become involved in music? 

When was I not involved with music is the real question. I was born into a music loving family. My mom came from a small town upstate to the big city to pursue her dream of becoming a singer. After getting pregnant she decided to have me instead. So growing up I would always be singing and dancing around the house. It’s what I loved to do then and it’s still what I love to do now! My dad also loved music so much he made a career out of it. Basically, I don’t think I was born with a choice! Music was what I was born into.


Any tours in the future?

In January I am supposed to go on my first radio tour! Still waiting on the details about that but I am definitely excited!


Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me! And on Dec 10th my EP will be released on iTunes and I hope to hear from you in the future!