We caught up with Varna . Check out our interview below to see how they came to be and their plans for the future. 

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Read what they had to say below:


For anyone who hasn’t listened to to Varna before, describe your sound?

Tiana: We are a hard rock/pop band. We have commercial pop vocals with hard rock guitars and our songs are very melodic, emotional and deal with this crazy ride we called LIFE.

Rob: A melodic rock with female vocals equals awesomeness..

How does Varna stand out from all the rest in your genre?

Tiana: There are bands who we share the same fans with us but we have not been able to find a female fronted band like ours yet. We are unique in our band dynamic, our sound, our ethnicity between bandmates..our band is familiar to people but not so different that we can't be understood. I think that's a recipe for success. We never tried to sound like anyone else when we started  and if you ask people who we sound like we usually get a combination of two completely different artists.

Rossen: I don't think that there Is a female fronted band who sounds like us. I think that we bring something to the rock scene which is missing today.

Rob: Trio, Hollywood, ethnicity, actual hard lives....


How do you all become involved in music?

Tiana: I have been singing since I can remember. Like many musicians, I have done solo projects and been in many failed bands. I made my first demo tape when I was 8 years old. 

Rossen: I always loved music, but I started playing guitar in high school when I got into listening to metal. 

Rob: Childhood dream being infatuated with the stage life and wanting to impress my childhood dream-crush; Amy lee of Evanescence...


What is the best thing about being in a band?

Tiana: Getting to create something out of nothing with these two other people. Sharing a common goal and passion with your bandmates. Changing someone's day or life with something that you created in a positive way. There are so many things, it's almost impossible to break it down to just a few things.

Rob: The chemistry between the music you make and the bond you build with your bandmates, and especially the fans. Nothing beats a happy fan! 

Rossen: We get to create and play music, and actually have people listen to it and relate to it.


What should fans expect from your set when they come out for a show?

Tiana: Expect to walk away entertained. We are performers and monsters on stage. We will give you everything we have. That is where we shine.

Rossen: High energy, a great show and good music.

Rob: To be asked to walk up to the front of the stage first of all! Just kidding.. A literal high energy explosive rock show compatible to album quality.


Can we expect a spring tour?

Tiana: We are working on getting that accomplished. I don't think people realize that we are unsigned and do everything ourselves. We are trying our best to make that happen! We want nothing more than to meet our fans in person and have them rock out with us.

Rob: When we book one you'll know, we promise!


What is the writing process like for you when creating a record/EP?

Rob: Weeks of studying parts and saving up all the cash we have!

Tiana: We narrow down all our songs that we write and choose the strongest songs based on overall message and crowd reaction. 


Any plans for any new music this year?

Rob: Yes!!! 

Tiana: Keep your eyes peeled. We do live rehearsals on our USTREAM account "Getting Personal w/ VARNA" and you might catch a new song before it hits the stores!


Anything else you would like to add? Thank you!

Tiana: You can find out more about us, purchase our music and connect to all our social media at our official website WWW.VARNABAND.COM.  You can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of 'Down' when you sign up to get the latest news from us. We are super easy to get a hold of, so please don't hesitate reach out to us! We are so thankful for all the support around the world from all our fans and our fanbase, the #VARNAFAMILY!


Rob: Please feel free to try to connect with us! It's literally Rossen, T, and I answer ALL of our sites and mail we receive. Please I encourage you to reach out to us to get to know us more!


Thank you so much, City Lights Coverage for having us and supporting our music! We loved the interview!