INTERVIEW: Con Bro Chill


We caught up with Con Bro Chill. Read below to find out more themselves, their free EP and their tour this March. 

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Read what Con Bro Chill had to say below:



How would you describe your music? What makes your band unique?

Party. Neon. Dance. Fun. Chant. Rock Out. Love Life.

Those are some keywords. I think we’re an insane melting pot of LMFAO party rock, Andrew WK’s vibe, w/ aspirations to write as cool songs like Queen, Talking Heads, and dare I say Van Halen? I always sprinkle in bands like OK GO and Blink 182 as inspiration because we try and take after their hilarious and incredible videos. We put a ton of energy into making our own music videos.


 Where does the name “Con Bro Chill” come from?

It was a nickname I got in college from a surfing bud. We adopted the name as a band because we had built this platform w/ some YouTube skits I did w/ my brother and shortly after we started making songs. Now we’re stuck with the name. Sometimes I like to say, I’m Con (Me, the guy you’re talking to in this interview who’s really cool probably), Bro is my brother Sam, and Chill are my cool buds Steve and Tyler. Just go with it ok. 


How did you come up with the idea for your new music video for “We Came To Party”?

We thought doing the origin story of Con Bro Chill would be funny and because we call our fans the Neon Army we assumed that we probably went through some sort of crappy/absurd boot camp before we joined CBC. Than we did that old double trick and goofed hard.

We also wanted to show off our live show in a music video and we had all this sweet tour footage that our buddy got of us over these 4 shows. So we crammed it all together and tried to get you pumped and dialed in for when you come to our show!


 What can fans expect if they come out to a show on your tour in March?

You’re gonna have a good time. You can come to our show and go insane with us in the front row, or you can sit back and watch the spectacle unfold. Just bring your attitude and strap on some neon if you’re feeling it. 


 What is your favorite thing about being in a band?

Our live show. We love our fans and we love partying with them. You can come and watch our show, but it’s way more fun to sing and dance with us. We call it Party Synergy and we try to achieve it every night we play. 


Any plans for after tour?

More videos, more shows, more fun!


Would you like to say anything else?

If you dig our stuff  ( tell your buds and come out to a show. Love Life!


Thank you!