We got the opportunity to chat with Jinx about his new song "Alive", what it is like to hear his song on commercials, future album plans and more! Read below for the exclusive:

How would you describe your sound and why does it make you unique?

I think my sound is unique because it is a reflection of my personal taste in music. Which is all over the place. You can hear pieces of everything I love in my music. Which makes it interesting. 

Was there any particular influence behind your song "Alive"?

Living a life that I LOVE and believe in makes me feel alive.

How has it been having it as the anthem of Cricket Wireless’ recent National Ad Campaign?

I remember Koby (one of the producers) saying he was going for a Phillip Phillips vibe with the music, which he had before we started working on what would become "Alive". Lyrically I was basically defending myself and my decision to go for what I love, versus what was "Safe". I felt pressure at the time from my mom and other people who really just cared about me and my future at the end of the day. I heard a lot of suggestions to explore a "backup plan" in case this music thing doesn't work. I have never even considered a backup plan. Music is the plan and the backup plan. always has been for me. I would feel dead doing anything else. Music makes me feel Alive. Living a life that I  and believe in makes me feel Alive. Even if it isn't safe. That's what this record is about. Having "Alive" be the anthem for cricket's campaign has been amazing and surreal. I'll never get tired of seeing my daughter get excited when she hears my song on tv. I'm basically the coolest dad at her school. 

Directed by Adam Leeman & Jon Jon Augustavo

I love the music video for "Alive"! Where did the idea behind it come from?

Visually the video concept was 100% thought of by Jon Jon and Adam Leeman (the directors). They brought the record to life visually perfectly. I couldn't have dreamed that up better. 

I hear about talks of an album in 2015, can you give us any more details about that?

The album is finished and I am very proud of it. I really feel like I am making an artistic statement. It feels new and fresh and exciting. My best work for sure. I wasn't going to be satisfied if that wasn't the case. All I can say is you should forget about the rules when you listen to the album. I payed those no mind. I'm definitely blurring lines and challenging what is considered "the norm". 

What is the typical writing and recording process like?

It's always different. I write everywhere. I write at home, in the studio, in the shower. I like to be in my own space. That's how i prefer it. I've never really been the type that likes to have a bunch of people in the studio. I've always felt best when I'm off in my own little world. Every since I was a little kid. My creative process is more or less the same. 

Any future tours as well?

Not that I know of yet. But that could change at any moment. Right now my focus is making sure these records are the best that they can possibly be. 

Anything else you would like to add?

I would like to add a thank you to anyone who is interested enough to read this interview and get to know me more. Follow me on all socials @Jinxuniverse so I can return the favor. Don't walk in dark alleys alone! That has nothing to do with anything but it's a good life tip that I figured I would add in for my people.