We caught up with Deleasa to discuss the GrandTourismo Tour, new single "Good People", and more! Read below to find out more:

How would you describe your sound, and what makes it unique?

I feel it's been an eclectic sound so far Id say a pop fusion 

You currently just got off of tour, how was the GrandTourismo tour?

It was a good time, I think NYC was the best time. We had a nice big sing along with everyone on the tour 

You released your first EP A Collection Of Sight & Sound Vol. 1 in December of 2012, how do you think your sound has changed or progressed since then?

I feel I'm finding my lane and what I want in my sound so I guess a bit more focused

Your single "Good People" released in October, how has the reaction been to it?

Seems good, whenever I’d play the song out on the road, I always got a great response and since the studio version came out people seem to still feel the same.

Any particular influence behind the song?

Just a wild night out haha

Any future album plans?

I'd love to do one but no plans yet just gonna keep releasing singles and EPs but I hope to eventually have the  time to be able to put my focus into a full album

You've toured with names such as Olly Murs, and The Jonas Brothers. If you could go back in time to when you first started touring, what would you tell yourself that you know now?

Short school buses really do suck to sleep in.

Even though you just got off of tour, do you have any tours plans in the future?

Nothing planned yet but am hoping to hit the road soon!

Anything else you would like to add?

 Thanks! New single is out kisses blow and I'm doing a run of holiday shows dec.19th-21st in Boston NYC and nj.