INTERVIEW: Sleeperstar


We caught up with Sleeperstar to discuss their new record Lost Machines. Read to find out more about the album, along with their new single "Apocalypse" and more!

For anyone who hasn't listened to Sleeperstar before, how would you describe your sound? 

A lot of people have compared us to Coldplay, the Fray, or U2, but that's really only helpful if you wanted to add us to your Pandora station. We are a guitar/piano-driven alt-rock lyric-driven brooding-optimist rock band that can bring it down for the people. 


You guys just released your single "Apocalypse" along with a music video. What was the influence behind it all? 

I think the real difference is that each member of the band can point to where each song started, and that point is very diverse whether it's a lyric or vocal melody, a guitar line, a interesting drum part, or a piano/keyboard melody. We don't want to overwhelm with a huge wall of sound, but we want to deliver a sonic experience that highlights the message or the tone of each individual song, which is something we feel comes across in our live performances.


What do you think makes your bands sound stick out from all the rest? 

Chris's voice is unique in the context of what we all do together as a band. He can pull off some really impressive things vocally but also communicate very specifically in a more intimate song, and, on stage and in recording, it's always a pleasure to support that kind of sincerity. Maybe that's a good adjective for us as a band: sincerity. It applies to both our analog-leaning sound and the message we want people to hear.


"Apocalypse" is off of your sophomore album Lost Machines. Can you give us a little more details about the album? 

We are very proud of this album, and I think it's a culmination of all we've done since we started. Working with Dustin Burnett was an absolute pleasure, and he really took our music to a place we had never been before but always wanted to be (like New Zealand). 


What song (besides Apocalypse) are you most looking forward to showing your fans and why?

 "Live Forever" is a song that we've played and listened to in various forms for a pretty long time, and we are really excited for fans and soon-to-be fans to hear how the song has evolved into something really special.


What is the typical writing and recording process like for you guys? 

There's always an instigator. Someone has to come in with something we all like (or he is willing to fight for), and then we all try to develop it together. That can mean sitting around with a guitar or piano or setting up as a full band to work it all out. A lot of our writing has been done on late-night car rides, playing a demo and working through lyrics or parts with whoever is still awake. We love it, so it can happen anywhere, really.


What are Sleeperstar's plans for the fall? 

Album release: release show? Those are definitely our two big things for "Lost Machines"