INTERVIEW: Toy Soldiers

We got the chance to talk to Dominic Billett of Toy Soldiers.  In our interview we discuss their newly released album, “The Maybe Boys”, as well as the tour and a lot more! Check out their tour dates here

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Read what Dominic had to say below:


For those you have not listened to you yet, how would you describe your sound? What makes you stand out from all of the rest?

Roots rock n' roll, psychedelia, R&B, soul, dixieland. Utilizing all of the colors of the American music heritage palette.  We don't pigeon-hole ourselves into sounding like one particular thing.  All of our musical influences are vast, and we pull from that as much as possible--creating a sound that is Toy Soldiers.


How has the couple days of tour been so far? What are you looking forward to the most?

 We just spent a week traveling in support of our album 'The Maybe Boys' up and down the Northeast coast--from Lancaster, to New York, to Boston, back to Philly, and up to Rhode Island.  Each show was great, especially our hometown (Philadelphia) record release show.  MidPoint Music fest in Ohio is definitely a stand-out gig, along with doing a Daytrotter session in the OG studio in Rock Island, IL.


How did it feel to get named as one of the “Top Bands to Watch in 2013” by USA Today?

Surreal!  Its an honor to be noticed by such a reputable source.  We love a good live show, so we're looking forward to living up to that honorable mention.


Your new record, The Maybe Boys, just came out a couple days ago. How has the reaction to the album been so far?

Fantastic.  The reaction to hearing the album by our fans has been overwhelmingly supportive, and its been great to physically get it into their hands at the various release shows.  Looking forward to having more people hear it after these fall dates!


What’s your favorite song off of the album? Why?

 'This Old Town'.  The song was a very collaborative effort in that Bill wrote the music, Bill and Ron co-wrote the lyrics, and the groove was established by Bill, I and the rest of the group.  We're very inspired by old Dixieland music and this was our sort-of interpretation of a New Orleans groove mixed with the feel and sound of an old Stax/ FAME recording.


What’s the story behind the album name?

 Nothing in life being certain.  The long, confusing path to becoming a (not even) semi-successful musician.  Scrapping your only mode of transportation in New Orleans and maybe getting home.  Or: Luke's interpretation of us as guys, 'The Maybe Boys". 


Speaking of story behind, what is the story behind your guys name, Toy Soldiers?

 Ron comes from a background of professional Karaoke singing.  His old K Boy band was called 'Soy Toddlers'.  He decided to change it to 'Toy Soldiers' when we all joined and played real instruments.


Even though it is more than a month from now, what are your plans for after tour?

 Sleep one day, then get back into the studio to record our next album.  We never want to not be creating music!


Anything else you would like to say? Thanks guys!!

Thanks for the interview!!