INTERVIEW: Viv and The Revival

We got the chance to talk to  Viv and the Revival.  In our interview we discuss their new record “The Introduction”, a tour, and more!

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Read what Viv and the Revival had to say below:

How would you describe Viv and the Revivals’ sound? What makes your band stand out from all of the rest?

It’s a mix of modern rock and pop with some hip hop influence thrown in as well. It’s all about the songs in this band, it’s all I care about, writing and performing songs that connect with people.

Where did the name ‘Viv and the Revival’ come from?

I was about to go in and record a new EP about 3 years ago, and I was having a tough time with the music business aspect of things and I needed a change. I decided to change the name of the project to Viv and the Revival because to me, it signified a rebirth and a fresh start to the whole situation. It felt like a weight taken off of my shoulders.

What can fans expect from ‘The Introduction’ set to release this winter?

They can expect authentic songs written about every universal aspect of life. They can expect to connect and see themselves in the lyrics.

Is the album influenced from anything in particular? 

It’s influenced by a million things. It’s influenced by normal everyday things and also by extraordinary things that we all reach and hope for.

How was it working with Rick Friedrich on the record?

It was great! Me and Rick had an easy time creating together. He’s extremely talented and he taught me a lot about songwriting and producing. Also Scott Bricklin produced a few songs with me and he’s amazing as well. He’s a true musician who really knows his craft.

Your music has been featured all over television. What was it like to hear your music for the first time on TV?

It was absolutely surreal, but so cool at the same time! It was insane to think that millions of people were hearing my songs, and were being affected emotionally by them in some way. 

Any plans for a tour this winter?

Yes, we’re going to play everywhere! We can’t wait to get out there and have people hear these songs live. That’s truly where you can connect with your fans.

Thanks for the interview! Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for having me on this interview! You guys are awesome! And to our fans, we can’t wait to see all of you at the shows!