INTERVIEW: Lost in Los Angeles

California band, Lost in Los Angeles just released a re-release of their track “Because of You”, along with some B-sides. Read below to find out more! 

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Read what the band had to say below:


For anyone who has not listened to Lost in Los Angeles before, how would you describe your sound? What makes you unique?

The three of us have such a wide range of influences. While we share a lot of common ground with artists we listen to (U2, Air, Deftones, Depeche Mode to name a few), each of us has our own musical space that we tend to live in. While Eddie Deering (guitars, synth, beats) is really into classical piano, movie soundtracks (i.e., Drive, Blade Runner) and 70's R&B, Danny Klein's (vocals, piano/synth, beats) tastes span between Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Flock of Seagulls, DJ Kaskade and Naked & Famous. Clark Souter (bass, backing vocals) is really into electronic based internet radio (chill out, progressive house, drum & bass), Goldfrapp and M83.


What made you guys decide to re-release your single “Because of You” from. The Hovering EP?

We recorded and produced The Hovering EP just before our summer US tour, so after playing Because of You live in nearly 30 cities in 35 days, the song started to take on a bit more energy. When our radio promotions team pegged that track as the radio follow-up to the single Hovering, we knew we wanted to make a few modifications to the beats, song length and overall production.


What can fans expect from the “Because of You” music video that you recently filmed?

Ahhh we are so stoked on this upcoming video. Staying true to the song, it's a love story between a guy and girl who are separated by circumstances, and only know each other through a daydream. Gonna be really hot.  We teamed up with director Steven Lippman again - he directed our award-winning Million Stars video which got rotation on MTV and vh1, so we are really excited to get this one out there.


You guys are also releasing some B-sides along with “Because of You”. Any influence behind any of those tracks?

Yeah, these B-sides reflect our love for the ambient instrumental side of things. We were in the middle of mixing the radio edit one day, and for fun Clark switched the BPM to half-time. We all looked at each other and said, "we are SO doing that!" Over the next few days we dove into producing two instrumental tracks as part of the release. We think our fans are really going to appreciate them. As far as influence, perhaps there's a bit of Boards of Canada and Air in there. Maybe even a little Black Moth Super Rainbow...


Do you guys have plan for a fall tour?

No plans for anything major for fall - perhaps a west coast tour. But our sites are definitely set on 2014.


Even though The Hovering EP was released in May, for the fans who haven’t listened to it yet, what can they expect when listening to it?

The concept and name of The Hovering EP came from a period when we had just split from our label, we had just locked in our US summer tour, and there was this sense of freedom, kind of like we were flying high above our destiny, hovering over what was to come. That's the spirit we were writing from. The push and pull of that whole experience, and the sense of dropping into our future

How did Lost in Los Angeles come to be?

This is Danny -- Eddie and I had a band prior to Lost in Los Angeles and had been apart for a couple years doing alot of writing on our own. When we came back together we were really motivated to bring our newfound creative energy to life. After a few iterations of different band members, we finally met Clark and we knew we had a really powerful trio. We are all voracious writers and we speak the same language. We have all become best of friends too, so it's really awesome to be on this journey together.


Is there a story behind the name, Lost in Los Angeles?

It's really open to interpretation - there's the literal take on what it's like to be alone in a big city. Perhaps a metaphor for any situation in life where you feel like it's you against the world. We like to think that there's nothing you can't do, so we hope that expressing this through our songs motivates our fans to take on any situation life brings them. The other side of "getting lost" might refer to the feeling of giving in and embracing life - like when you're lost in something and it's like floating down a river. There's a sense of peace and lack of predictability all at once. 


Anything else you would like to add?

We just wanna say hi to our fans. You mean the world to us and you're the reason why we exist. If we haven't played in your town yet, let us know.  If your local radio station isn't playing us yet, let them know. We are always on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so hit us up, we want to meet you. ...And we can't wait to share all of the new material that's to come. Hope to see you at the next show!