We got the chance to talk to the indie trio band, Mercies. It’s not everyday that you come across a band that is so dedicated to their music. From transforming a barn into their own personal studio, to composing music for a ballet. Mercies is a band that you can literally feel the passion in every ounce of their songs.  

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Read what Mercies had to say below:


For anyone who has not listened to Mercies before, describe your sound. What makes Mercies’ music stand out?

 We take a good deal of inspiration from artists of the ‘50s and ‘60s like The Beatles, Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Chet Atkins. The rawness and simplicity of the recordings from that era have influenced us musically and artistically. But we are always approaching our songs in our own way, maybe slightly more aggressive. We never feel like we're trying to do a "throwback" sort of thing.


Where does the name Mercies come from?

 It actually comes from a movie starting Robert Duvall called Tender Mercies. I picked up the cover one day during the time we were trying to come up with a name and "Mercies" just jumped out and felt right.


In March, you released The Ballet EP.  What was the album influenced by?

 The Ballet EP featured music we were commissioned to write by The Charlottesville Ballet. It was an opportunity to showcase something we want to do more in future.  Whether it's a movie score or anything outside of the realm of songs and albums, we want to branch out. It's great for us because I don't think our songs are theatrical at all. Doing something like the ballet allowed us to explore music that wouldn't make its way into a Mercies song.


Are you planning on collaborating with more dance companies?

 We would love more collaboration. Maybe one day we can do something where we play live on stage with the company. That would be an amazing experience.


You guys are currently giving away your album, Three Thousand Days and The Ballet EP, along with a couple other songs for FREE on bandcamp. What made you guys decide to put your songs out for free?

 Well, we really just want people to hear our music. I think a lot of people don't want to pay money to check out a new band. We hope people will hear us, support us by coming out to a show, and then purchase music we do in the future.


You guys have literally funded everything for Mercies out of your own pocket.  You even made your own studio out of a barn, and you give away your music for free.  You released two albums in all just a few years. You guys are so motivated and determined about music. What is your number one goal as a band to achieve?

 To be able to support ourselves by playing music! We have so much Mercies music we want to release as well as other projects. We also want to play out as much as possible. This band is everything to us.


You guys are heading out for your first full US tour very soon. First off, how excited are you guys to be traveling the states touring? Any cities you are excited to perform at?

 We couldn't be more excited to do our first US tour! NYC, Nashville, the California dates, and Chicago stand out, but really we're excited for every show.


What can fans expect to see at your show? How is a Mercies’ show different from every other band?

 This is the first prolonged stretch of shows that we'll be adding a fourth player on stage with us. So, you'll see four guys having the time of their lives and lots of sweet vocal harmonies!


What would you say is the worst/best part about touring?

The best is being with people you care about and playing music you love. The worst is probably never knowing if you're ever going to eat a half-way healthy meal haha. And anytime something happens to the van or someones gear, that's always a bad time.


You guys are currently writing material for a new record right now.  What can fans expect to listen to on this record?

The next thing set to release is a 7" record. It will have two new songs on it, but right now we have no idea what they will be.


Do you have a set date for the record release yet?

 Hopefully sometime in the fall/early winter.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! Would you like to add anything else?

Please check us out at Thank you so much!