INTERVIEW: The Skies Revolt


We had the opportunity to chat with The Skies Revolt’s lead singer Dave Prindle about their upcoming tour, music videos, vinyl and more!

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Read what Dave had to say below:

For anyone who has not heard of The Skies Revolt before, how would you guys describe your sound? What makes you different from every other band out there?

I would say what we are TRYING to go for, is something new but familiar. We try to have that touch of nostalgia and keep our music catchy. In an attempt to be different sometimes bands go too far and lose a connection with people. We are trying to stay connected. We try to describe our sound as indie/electronic. We have a lot of synths but we also still use guitars, drums, and all of that a lot. People can stream songs from our new album on our website at 


You guys recently took part in Motion City Soundtrack’s Making Moves project that will be released on October 23rd. Explain what that is all about. 

Basically each member of Motion City Soundtrack sought out a band that they would like to produce and put a 7" vinyl out for. The albums are being put out through Drexel's label Mad Dragon Records and Motion City's label The Boombox Generation. It's a way to showcase some bands that Motion City Soundtrack thinks should be getting more exposure. Josh Cain contacted us and then we met him and Justin Pierre in Philadelphia where we recorded and they produced our vinyl. 


MTV Buzzworthy is currently premiering your single off of Making Moves,  “For Your Health”. Is there a story/inspiration behind the song? 

That song is actually my favorite of the 3. It's actually one of my favorites that I have ever written. I don't like to give away too much of what the songs are about though. I can say we had just finished a full length and were out of songs when they contacted us. Had to scramble to come up with new music in a very short amount of time. Usually when I write, I write in garage band. I lay down some drums and then play synths and other things over it, slowly evolving something into a song. This song was actually the first song I wrote on guitar in a long time. Just plugged in and made something that I had to remember and couldn't come back to in a recording. 


Why do you think that it is important to release music on vinyl, rather than on a CD, or even just digitally?

I think it's important to release on vinyl for the collectors side of things. CD's are kind of becoming a thing of the past with ipods and digital everything. One of our members was actually listening to a CD on a portable CD player at a fest and some kid came up and started making fun of him for using such "old" technology. 


I am in love with all of your music videos; they are so creative. Who thinks of the ideas? How much work goes into one of your stop motion music videos?

I was actually an art major in college, but I went the digital route. I'm actually the one that comes up with the ideas and makes them. Our video for The Transitive Deficiency I made in class in college for a project, but the most recent, "It's All In The Reflexes" was more of a joint effort. I came up with the concept and then a photographer friend and I went out and filmed the scenery. After that me and my friend Josh made the clay creatures. I actually made the robot marionette style out of poster board, then added the faces digitally. Bobby our guitar player and I stop animated the clay creatures and then I dropped them into the footage. My friend Sierra filmed then us against a green screen for that footage. All in all it was about 150 hour project, it all disappeared, so had to redo a lot of things turning it into about a 300 hour project. 


You guys will be heading out on a fall tour in about a week, how excited are you for it?

Pretty excited, we like being on the road. Get to meet lots of new people, sleep in Walmart parking lots and play music. 


Which show are you looking forward to the most?

There aren't really any shows we are looking forward to the most, we like the surprise of what is going to come. Some shows you think are going to be awesome, turn out to be empty and then there are shows you think that are going to be empty and they completely pack out.


What can fans expect to see at one of your shows?

Usually we just move around a lot until we get really tired. But we like out hang out and meet new people at the shows too. So they can expect that also. 


If The Skies Revolt could go on a ‘dream’ tour, what artists/bands would you take out with you?

If we were on a dream tour, I think we would be the band being taken out. I think it would be awesome to go out with The Arcade Fire or really legendary band like The Foo Fighters. There are really a lot of bands we would like to go out with though.  


What is The Skies Revolt plan for after tour? Possibly a full length album?

After this tour, I think we are going to take a short break for the holidays and then most likely more touring. We actually put out a full length earlier this year called "Some Kind of Cosmonaut," so we probably wont put out anything new for a little while. We'll just be going around trying to spread the word on our 2 albums from this year. 


As a band, what is one thing that you guys would like to achieve in your career?

I'm not sure we have a specific "size" we want to be, but it would be nice to get to a place where all we had to do in life, is music. 



Alright, that’s all the questions I have for you guys! Is there anything else that you would like to add?

It would be neat if your readers added us over on Facebook. Also if they go to our website,, we have a video adventure series we made that is pretty fun to go through.