Allison Veltz & Blaster Records Donate for Every View

Allison Veltz and her label, Blaster Records, have kicked off a campaign "Pennies for Penny" that will donate to the charity for every view between June 30th and July 20th. For every view, an additional penny will be donated to the Nashville Humane Association, where Penny (the dog in the video) was sheltered while waiting for a new home. The money will be donated in Penny's honor to help more dogs find their forever homes.

Watch the video above to support and to listen to a great song!

Artist Trades Album for Nudes

Artist, Loke Rahbek is giving his new album The Wild Palms away for free.  However, even though it costs no money, there is a price you would have to pay. He will only give away his album in exchange for a nude selfie with the The Wild Palms written somewhere on your body. He is only making the album available on cassette tape, in order to help stop people from sharing his album. He says he won't leak your naked selfie, if you don't share the album with others. If you do however, well, you asked for it. 

Loke Rahbek will only be making as many copies as equivalent to as many nudes he receives to The promotion ends on July 22nd.

Rahbek stated in FACT mag

“When you share your work with someone, it can be like showing your own skin – you are stripping naked,” he says. “So I ask that anyone who gets the music does not share it with anyone. And I promise in return to not share those photos with anyone. They are going to be in a file, and they are going to stay there. I wanted it to be secret, because you know if we’re talking about intimacy, nothing is stronger than keeping secrets together.”

This is something that has never been done before. We are curious to hear your thoughts on the form of "payment" Loke Rahbek is asking for his album The Wild Palms. Let us know your below!

NEW INTERVIEW: Love Crushed Velvet

We got the chance to talk with A.L.X. of  Love Crushed Velvet about how they got started, their new album Delusions, and future tours!

Click here to check out Love Crushed Velvet’s official website.

Read what A.L.X. had to say below:

For anyone who has not listened to Love Crushed Velvet before, how would you describe your sound?

Love Crushed Velvet is a hybrid of modern and retro rock.  There are definitely postpunk elements to our music, but we try to push the genre into contemporary musical relevance.

What makes you unique from all the other bands in your genre?  

The fact that we have blended elements of classic rock, postpunk and modern rock.  There are of course other bands that have done this as well, but I think that we’ve put our own particular stamp on it.

What made you want to start a band?  

I’ve always had a love for performing, as well as writing original music.  I thrive on the energy of playing with a band, and the type of songs that I write were always geared towards playing in that kind of format.  As much as I enjoy playing solo, the camaraderie that you have in a band, both musically and personally, is very special.

Where does the name “Love Crushed Velvet” come from?  

It started as a tongue-in-cheek description of something, and we joked about how it would make a great band name.  Around that time, I’d also been working on a song that had the words “love” and “velvet” in the chorus, but something was still missing.  I threw in the word “crushed” and reworked the verse lyrics, and voila!  It all came together quite quickly.

Can you tell us a little more about your album Delusions?   

When making this album, we made a conscious decision to move away from the overt classic rock and postpunk feel that our debut album had.  At the same time, we still wanted to stay true to who we are musically, and also didn’t want to confuse our fan base by completely shifting gears.  Thus, our challenge was to find ways to present our songs in a way that was different, yet still familiar.  From a thematic perspective, we were also working with songs that had a different feel from our debut album.  We went from writing about the challenges of life in New York City to tackling themes like discontent and broken relationships. In that sense, it’s a lyrically richer album.

Any specific influences behind the album?  

We actually made a conscious decision to play down our influences.  While it was challenging, it gave us more freedom by allowing us to explore a broader musical palette.  Hence, there’s quite a wide stylistic range on the album.

What would you say is your favorite song off of the album?  

Probably “Spotlight”, which is likely to be our fourth single.  It has all of the elements that characterize where LCV is at this stage.  People have compared it to something out of a James Bond soundtrack

Any spring tours in the future for Love Crushed Velvet? 

We’re in the process of organized late spring and summer dates at the moment—stay tuned!

Thank you for your time! Is there anything else that you would like to add?

We just finished recording a new album that is planned for a mid-summer release.  If you like what you’ve heard from us thus far, stick around, because there’s more coming!


The three brothers in Before You Exit released a music video for their new single “Dangerous”. Watch above!

See below to watch the behind the scenes:

Check out our photos from their set of the Dangerous Tour in Charlotte, NC as well here



We caught up with Varna . Check out our interview below to see how they came to be and their plans for the future. 

Check out Varna here!

Read what they had to say below:

 For anyone who hasn’t listened to to Varna before, describe your sound?

Tiana: We are a hard rock/pop band. We have commercial pop vocals with hard rock guitars and our songs are very melodic, emotional and deal with this crazy ride we called LIFE.

Rob: A melodic rock with female vocals equals awesomeness..

 How does Varna stand out from all the rest in your genre?

Tiana: There are bands who we share the same fans with us but we have not been able to find a female fronted band like ours yet. We are unique in our band dynamic, our sound, our ethnicity between bandmates..our band is familiar to people but not so different that we can’t be understood. I think that’s a recipe for success. We never tried to sound like anyone else when we started  and if you ask people who we sound like we usually get a combination of two completely different artists.

Rossen: I don’t think that there Is a female fronted band who sounds like us. I think that we bring something to the rock scene which is missing today.

Rob: Trio, Hollywood, ethnicity, actual hard lives….

How do you all become involved in music?

Tiana: I have been singing since I can remember. Like many musicians, I have done solo projects and been in many failed bands. I made my first demo tape when I was 8 years old. 

Rossen: I always loved music, but I started playing guitar in high school when I got into listening to metal. 

Rob: Childhood dream being infatuated with the stage life and wanting to impress my childhood dream-crush; Amy lee of Evanescence…

 What is the best thing about being in a band?

Tiana: Getting to create something out of nothing with these two other people. Sharing a common goal and passion with your bandmates. Changing someone’s day or life with something that you created in a positive way. There are so many things, it’s almost impossible to break it down to just a few things.

Rob: The chemistry between the music you make and the bond you build with your bandmates, and especially the fans. Nothing beats a happy fan! 

Rossen: We get to create and play music, and actually have people listen to it and relate to it.

 What should fans expect from your set when they come out for a show?.

Tiana: Expect to walk away entertained. We are performers and monsters on stage. We will give you everything we have. That is where we shine.

Rossen: High energy, a great show and good music.

Rob: To be asked to walk up to the front of the stage first of all! Just kidding.. A literal high energy explosive rock show compatible to album quality.

Can we expect a spring tour?

Tiana: We are working on getting that accomplished. I don’t think people realize that we are unsigned and do everything ourselves. We are trying our best to make that happen! We want nothing more than to meet our fans in person and have them rock out with us.

Rob: When we book one you’ll know, we promise!

 What is the writing process like for you when creating a record/EP?

Rob: Weeks of studying parts and saving up all the cash we have!

Tiana: We narrow down all our songs that we write and choose the strongest songs based on overall message and crowd reaction. 

Any plans for any new music this year?

Rob: Yes!!! 

Tiana: Keep your eyes peeled. We do live rehearsals on our USTREAM account “Getting Personal w/ VARNA” and you might catch a new song before it hits the stores!

Anything else you would like to add? Thank you!

Tiana: You can find out more about us, purchase our music and connect to all our social media at our official website WWW.VARNABAND.COM.  You can get a FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘Down’ when you sign up to get the latest news from us. We are super easy to get a hold of, so please don’t hesitate reach out to us! We are so thankful for all the support around the world from all our fans and our fanbase, the #VARNAFAMILY!

Rob: Please feel free to try to connect with us! It’s literally Rossen, T, and I answer ALL of our sites and mail we receive. Please I encourage you to reach out to us to get to know us more!

Thank you so much, City Lights Coverage for having us and supporting our music! We loved the interview! 




We got the lovely chance to talk to Adam Jensen about his new EP, touring and more! 

Check out Adam Jensen here!

Pick up the Behold The Man EP here!

Read what Adam had to say below:

For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it? What makes your sound unique?

Hmmm thats a tough question at the moment because I purposely went for a totally different sound on this new record. I approached the writing and production in a different way than I usually do. I was specifically looking to make an album that didn’t sound like any of my other albums. I always say that I would hope my music can mostly simply be described as: Good Songs.

How did you become involved in music?

I started taking classical piano lessons around 8 or 9 from an old lady that lived around the corner. Louise was her name and she was awesome. According to her I was the next Bach. My parents got me an old piano from the Salvation Army but it was so shitty and old that I had to keep out back in the machine shop. So I’d be out there practicing in the freezing cold winter with fucking gloves on. Dedication man!!

Your new EP, Behold the Man, released last week. How has the reaction been so far?

The reaction has been really good, which is a relief because of the aforementioned different sound.  It debuted at #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts so thats cool I guess. 

For fans who haven’t picked the EP up yet, what can they expect from it?

They can expect something that sounds different than my past records. That being said the same songwriting and vocals are still there at the core. Also they can expect to be aurally entertained for 21 minutes.

Any specific influence or story behind any of the songs?

For this record I solely wrote about myself and my past experiences. 

What’s the story behind the music video for “The Kid”?

I had this idea for a Charlie Chaplin type video that acts as a narrative for the lyrics to the song. I think when you listen to “The Kid” there is an obvious literal and figurative story being told so I just needed someone to capture that. We posted my idea on a freelance website and the director Max Webb/Tiny Epics sent me a pitch with a narrative about a vulture who robs a store. He makes all the sets and the characters himself so it adds this creepy dark feel to the video. I was really happy with the end product. 

Any plan for a winter tour?

YES. I hope to be on the road a lot in 2014. See you soon America.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks so much to all my fans who have supported me over the years and for making both my EPs this year (Behold the Man EP and Head on a String EP) both of them hit #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. SERIOUSLY.

Thanks Adam for the interview! 

Thanks I appreciate it!! Hope you like the album!!


NEW INTERVIEW: Viv and the Revival

We got the chance to talk to  Viv and the Revival.  In our interview we discuss their new record “The Introduction”, a tour, and more!

Check out Viv and the Revival here!

Read what Viv and the Revival had to say below:


  1. How would you describe Viv and the Revivals’ sound? What makes your band stand out from all of the rest?

It’s a mix of modern rock and pop with some hip hop influence thrown in as well. It’s all about the songs in this band, it’s all I care about, writing and performing songs that connect with people.

  1. Where did the name ‘Viv and the Revival’ come from?

I was about to go in and record a new EP about 3 years ago, and I was having a tough time with the music business aspect of things and I needed a change. I decided to change the name of the project to Viv and the Revival because to me, it signified a rebirth and a fresh start to the whole situation. It felt like a weight taken off of my shoulders.

  1. What can fans expect from ‘The Introduction’ set to release this winter?

They can expect authentic songs written about every universal aspect of life. They can expect to connect and see themselves in the lyrics.

  1. Is the album influenced from anything in particular?

It’s influenced by a million things. It’s influenced by normal everyday things and also by extraordinary things that we all reach and hope for.

  1. How was it working with Rick Friedrich on the record?

It was great! Me and Rick had an easy time creating together. He’s extremely talented and he taught me a lot about songwriting and producing. Also Scott Bricklin produced a few songs with me and he’s amazing as well. He’s a true musician who really knows his craft.


  1. 6.     Your music has been featured all over television. What was it like to hear your music for the first time on TV?

      It was absolutely surreal, but so cool at the same time! It was insane to think that

      millions of people were hearing my songs, and were being affected emotionally

      by them in some way.

  1.  Any plans for a tour this winter?

Yes, we’re going to play everywhere! We can’t wait to get out there and have people hear these songs live. That’s truly where you can connect with your fans.

  1. Thanks for the interview! Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for having me on this interview! You guys are awesome! And to our fans, we can’t wait to see all of you at the shows!

NEW INTERVIEW: Lost in Los Angeles


California band, Lost in Los Angeles just released a re-release of their track “Because of You”, along with some B-sides.

Click here to pick up “Because of You” (Radio Edit & B-sides)

Read below to find out more! 

For anyone who has not listened to Lost in Los Angeles before, how would you describe your sound? What makes you unique?

The three of us have such a wide range of influences. While we share a lot of common ground with artists we listen to (U2, Air, Deftones, Depeche Mode to name a few), each of us has our own musical space that we tend to live in. While Eddie Deering (guitars, synth, beats) is really into classical piano, movie soundtracks (i.e., Drive, Blade Runner) and 70’s R&B, Danny Klein’s (vocals, piano/synth, beats) tastes span between Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Flock of Seagulls, DJ Kaskade and Naked & Famous. Clark Souter (bass, backing vocals) is really into electronic based internet radio (chill out, progressive house, drum & bass), Goldfrapp and M83.

What made you guys decide to re-release your single “Because of You” from. The Hovering EP?

We recorded and produced The Hovering EP just before our summer US tour, so after playing Because of You live in nearly 30 cities in 35 days, the song started to take on a bit more energy. When our radio promotions team pegged that track as the radio follow-up to the single Hovering, we knew we wanted to make a few modifications to the beats, song length and overall production.

What can fans expect from the “Because of You” music video that you recently filmed?

Ahhh we are so stoked on this upcoming video. Staying true to the song, it’s a love story between a guy and girl who are separated by circumstances, and only know each other through a daydream. Gonna be really hot.  We teamed up with director Steven Lippman again - he directed our award-winning Million Stars video which got rotation on MTV and vh1, so we are really excited to get this one out there.

You guys are also releasing some B-sides along with “Because of You”. Any influence behind any of those tracks?

Yeah, these B-sides reflect our love for the ambient instrumental side of things. We were in the middle of mixing the radio edit one day, and for fun Clark switched the BPM to half-time. We all looked at each other and said, “we are SO doing that!” Over the next few days we dove into producing two instrumental tracks as part of the release. We think our fans are really going to appreciate them. As far as influence, perhaps there’s a bit of Boards of Canada and Air in there. Maybe even a little Black Moth Super Rainbow…

Do you guys have plan for a fall tour?

No plans for anything major for fall - perhaps a west coast tour. But our sites are definitely set on 2014.

Even though The Hovering EP was released in May, for the fans who haven’t listened to it yet, what can they expect when listening to it?

The concept and name of The Hovering EP came from a period when we had just split from our label, we had just locked in our US summer tour, and there was this sense of freedom, kind of like we were flying high above our destiny, hovering over what was to come. That’s the spirit we were writing from. The push and pull of that whole experience, and the sense of dropping into our future

How did Lost in Los Angeles come to be?

This is Danny — Eddie and I had a band prior to Lost in Los Angeles and had been apart for a couple years doing alot of writing on our own. When we came back together we were really motivated to bring our newfound creative energy to life. After a few iterations of different band members, we finally met Clark and we knew we had a really powerful trio. We are all voracious writers and we speak the same language. We have all become best of friends too, so it’s really awesome to be on this journey together.

Is there a story behind the name, Lost in Los Angeles?

It’s really open to interpretation - there’s the literal take on what it’s like to be alone in a big city. Perhaps a metaphor for any situation in life where you feel like it’s you against the world. We like to think that there’s nothing you can’t do, so we hope that expressing this through our songs motivates our fans to take on any situation life brings them. The other side of ”getting lost” might refer to the feeling of giving in and embracing life - like when you’re lost in something and it’s like floating down a river. There’s a sense of peace and lack of predictability all at once. 

Anything else you would like to add?

We just wanna say hi to our fans. You mean the world to us and you’re the reason why we exist. If we haven’t played in your town yet, let us know.  If your local radio station isn’t playing us yet, let them know. We are always on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so hit us up, we want to meet you. …And we can’t wait to share all of the new material that’s to come. Hope to see you at the next show!