New Interview: Paints The Words

Check out an interview we did with Paint The Words. One man band,  Tyler Simko talks about how his solo acoustic project all began, and what the future will bring. 

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  • Introduce yourself, and tell us about your band:

My name is Tyler Simko, and I have an acoustic solo project – Paint The Words.

  • How did you come up with the name Paint The Words?

I’m in bookstores a lot, and one day I found this awesome book called The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics, and I thought that the concept of using both art and lyrics to describe their music was really interesting. I began thinking how, with every artist, their lyrics are primarily just artistic words, used in the same way that art is – to elicit a certain feeling. From that, I started thinking of names for my solo project, and from these ‘artistic words,’ I thought of Paint The Words.

  • For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music yet, describe your sound using only 3 words.

Only three words? That’s a toughie. (Those don’t count.) Optimistic. Acoustic. Real.

  • What made you want to start creating music?

Even as a child, I was always interested in music. I began taking piano lessons when I was three, and I eventually started writing my own stuff. I’ve always been very passionate about music, and I wanted to give a shot to writing my own.

  • Is your Lay Down, Cuddle Up EP influenced from anything or anyone?

 Well all of the songs, in one way or another, are about my girlfriend Dawn.

  • In the music world, who do you look up to the most?

I’m definitely a fan of a ton of older music, as well as some current stuff. The entire 20-30 year period of Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, The Monkees, The Beatles and a ton of more great artists really fascinates me, and all of the music is incredible. I also look up to a lot of current artists, including all of Nate Ruess’ work, City and Colour, The Tallest Man on Earth, and so many more that I don’t have enough room to list.

  • Any shows or tours coming up in the future?

I hope to have the incredible opportunity to tour one day, but for now I’m playing local shows around the New Jersey area; you can stay up to date on those from any of my social networks.

  • What bands would you bring on your dream tour?

Since I have to assume that the technology to revive artists from the dead is not in the foreseeable future, I’ll choose a few current artists: City and Colour, The Tallest Man on Earth, Carter Hulsey, and Bon Iver.

  • What does Paint The Words have in store for this year?

I’ll definitely be releasing a new EP before the end of the year, hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to play a bunch of super fun shows, and I’ll be releasing a single in the very near future.

  • What sites can people find your music at?!/tylersimko 

And a ton of really cool people have been kind enough to upload my music onto their Youtube channels, so a quick search and you’ll be able to find those.

  • Any closing words?

I just want to thank anyone and everyone for reading this, I really hope that you’re enjoying my music, and I hope to see you all at a show very soon!


Make sure to go pick up Paint The Words’ Lay Down, Cuddle Up EP on Itunes!