We got the chance to talk to rock band, Blameshift.  In our interview we discuss their newly released album, “Secrets” , as well as the tour and a lot more! 

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Read what Blameshift had to say below:

For anyone who has not listened to Blameshift before, how would you describe your sound?

If you have never heard Blameshift before, I would describe us as a hard rock band with pop tendencies. We blend female and male vocals to create an edgy sound that you can still sing a long to! 

What can people expect from your album, Secrets, that is set to release on Novemeber 5th, 2013?

Our newest release, “Secrets” which comes out on November 5th is full of hard rock anthems with lyrics that you can relate to. We definitely stepped it up on this album as far as song writing and content. This is by far the most proud I’ve ever been about any music we’ve ever put out! I just can’t wait for the world to finally be able to hear it too.

How was it working with producer Erik Ron on the album?

We got a chance to work with Erik on our last EP and this time around it was just as awesome. We consider Erik our mentor, best friend and 5th member of the band. He brings so many fresh, new ideas to the table and really cares about our music as much as we do. I think it really shows in the music when the producer puts his heart into the project!

You guys are also releasing a limited edition book to go along with Secrets.  Can you give us more details on the book?

Yes, we had the opportunity to publish a book a couple months ago. It was a really fun ( and very long) experience. It’s a soft cover book full of pictures, bios, song meanings and some other exclusive content. It’s definitely a one of a kind memorabilia item from the band! We are very proud of it. You can still pick one up at 


You guys have gotten tons of recognition from companies like Hot Topic, MTV, Taco Bell and more. How does it feel to have so many companies backing up your band?

We have been lucky enough to have some really big companies behind us. It feels amazing and reminds us how important it is in this business to cross promote and make friends. We are sponsored by some of the biggest companies in music and the relationship is still personal…it doesn’t get better than that.

How has tour been? Are you sad to see it end?

We spend most of the year on the road, so when one tour ends another one starts. No matter what, it is always hard to say goodbye to people you spend 24 hours a day with for a month straight but we always hold on to the fact that we will do it all again in the future. Right now, we just started a tour with our best friends from Omaha, Nebraska called Screaming For Silence.

What has your favorite date of tour been so far?

My favorite date of our last tour was probably at Pop’s in St. Louis, Missouri. We have amazing fans in that town that always come out and support us and make the night unforgettable. 

What do you wish you knew when you first began touring as a band that you know now?

That’s a great question. Well, every day we learn something new about being a full time touring musician. But something I wish I would have known when I first started is the importance of finding the right group of people. In the past, we had members who weren’t all on the same page. That can hold you back from growing more than anything. It’s all about finding the right chemistry and the right vibe for the project because the fans can feel that.

Any plans for after tour?

We actually plan on taking the holidays off this year which will be our first real break in awhile. It will be nice to go home and spend the holidays with our families and then hit it hard again come January 1st. 

Want to say anything else?

I just wanted to thank you for having me and thank all our current fans and new fans for all the love and support. And, if you haven’t done so yet head over to our Pledge Music page and pre-order our new album before it comes out. We are trying to chart on Billboard Heatseekers Chart and every pre-order really helps. And be on the lookout for the new album on November 5th ( )