We got the lovely chance to talk to Adam Jensen about his new EP, touring and more! 

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Read what Adam had to say below:

For anyone that hasn’t listened to your music before, how would you describe it? What makes your sound unique?

Hmmm thats a tough question at the moment because I purposely went for a totally different sound on this new record. I approached the writing and production in a different way than I usually do. I was specifically looking to make an album that didn’t sound like any of my other albums. I always say that I would hope my music can mostly simply be described as: Good Songs.

How did you become involved in music?

I started taking classical piano lessons around 8 or 9 from an old lady that lived around the corner. Louise was her name and she was awesome. According to her I was the next Bach. My parents got me an old piano from the Salvation Army but it was so shitty and old that I had to keep out back in the machine shop. So I’d be out there practicing in the freezing cold winter with fucking gloves on. Dedication man!!

Your new EP, Behold the Man, released last week. How has the reaction been so far?

The reaction has been really good, which is a relief because of the aforementioned different sound.  It debuted at #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter charts so thats cool I guess. 

For fans who haven’t picked the EP up yet, what can they expect from it?

They can expect something that sounds different than my past records. That being said the same songwriting and vocals are still there at the core. Also they can expect to be aurally entertained for 21 minutes.

Any specific influence or story behind any of the songs?

For this record I solely wrote about myself and my past experiences. 

What’s the story behind the music video for “The Kid”?

I had this idea for a Charlie Chaplin type video that acts as a narrative for the lyrics to the song. I think when you listen to “The Kid” there is an obvious literal and figurative story being told so I just needed someone to capture that. We posted my idea on a freelance website and the director Max Webb/Tiny Epics sent me a pitch with a narrative about a vulture who robs a store. He makes all the sets and the characters himself so it adds this creepy dark feel to the video. I was really happy with the end product. 

Any plan for a winter tour?

YES. I hope to be on the road a lot in 2014. See you soon America.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks so much to all my fans who have supported me over the years and for making both my EPs this year (Behold the Man EP and Head on a String EP) both of them hit #7 on the iTunes Singer Songwriter Charts. I FUCKING LOVE YOU. SERIOUSLY.

Thanks Adam for the interview! 

Thanks I appreciate it!! Hope you like the album!!