Hit The Lights - Charlotte, NC - January 27th

Hit The Lights took over Charlotte, NC on the January 27th stop of the S.I.N. tour. Us over here at City Lights Coverage have full access for all of you fans out there.  

Let’s first begin by getting the obvious out of the way, Hit The Lights know how to put on a show that will leave you wanting more.  Whether it be from Nick’s powerful vocals, to Nate’s drumming skills which light up the stage. Throughout their set they constantly brought energy. From David’s bass, to both Omar and Kevin’s guitar riffs.  Their set list contained an awesome mixture of old songs to new songs off of their newest record, Invicta, which is in stores now! 

Seeing them for the first time in 2008 to seeing how much they have grown in 2012 is incredible. They have accomplished so much, and it couldn’t be for more than all the right reasons. Hit The Lights is the perfect example of a band that deserves every ounce of recognition. 

Go check them out on tour now, click here for their tour dates.

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Click “read more” to watch them perform their new song “Earthquake" off of Invicta below: