Have you checked out our main site?

Hey fans! We would like to introduce you guys to our company’s main website: Grace Hartrick Films.

Before City Lights Coverage was a music coverage site, we were mainly all about filming videos, mostly stop motion.  Our most popular video is a video to Nevershoutnever’s song “Did It Hurt”. All of these videos are made for fun to help support the artist’s music. You can view them all here. Then we branched into filming live performances. (Click to view here)

Also, once upon a time, we filmed for a little band called All Time Low. Click to watch!

Make sure to visit the site for more videos, interviews, and concert coverage!

(includes: The Summer Set, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, A Rocket To The Moon & more)

Our newest video to one of Alex Gaskarth’s poems can be found below: