EXCLUSIVE: The Summer Set, who are currently on the Friday Is Forever Tour, came to Raleigh, North Carolina for a special headlining show on one of their days off. See It Rising, Action Item & The Downtown Fiction joined. 

It was a very special show, because the venue (The Brewery) they were playing at is being torn down in just a few days. So many stories run through that place. Sheryl Crow, All Time Low, Paramore, Ryan Adams, Boys Like Girls, and many others have played at The Brewery before they were well known in the music industry. So it’s sad to see such a historical venue go. The Summer Set definitely left their mark there on July 24th, 2011. 

The show was probably the hottest show that anyone has ever been too, just ask the bands, they even agreed. It’s amazing though, what music can do. Even when everyone had been dying in the heat for hours, when The Summer Set came on, none of that mattered. The fact that it was practically 105 degrees in that place, didn’t seem to stop the crowd from getting into the music. The Summer Set opened with “Young” and closed with their first popular single “Chelsea”. That was until the crowd bursted into chants for an encore. 

Brian and John came back out. Then Brian announced that they were going to play “Mona Lisa” for the first time ever in front of a crowd.  Yet another great story that will go with The Brewery.  Then they finished with “Love Like This”

Make sure to go pick up their new album Everything’s Fine.  

There above is the video of “Mona Lisa” that we took from the crowd. Enjoy!